Computer Communications and Networking

    A.L. Narasimha Reddy,, phone:845-7598
    Class Hours:
    Tuesdays, Thursdays 9:35AM - 10:50 AM.
    Office hours:
    To Be Announced.
    Class Room:
    223D Zachry
    Graduate Assistant:
    Sridhar Iyer,
    Look at his web page for ELEN602 related information.
    Office Hours:
    Monday/Wednesday/Friday 3-4 PM, 227A Zachry
    Communication Networks: Fundamental Concepts and Key Architectures by Leon-Garcia and Widjaja, McGraw Hill Publishers, 2nd Edition.
    Additional material:
    Data Networks by Bertsekas and Gallager, Prentice Hall Publishers.
    Computer Networks: A systems Approach by Peterson and Davie, Morgan Kaufman Publishers, 2nd Edition
    Socket programming example code from UNIX Network Programming by Stevens
    Beej's guide to Network Programming
    Include files and compile instructions
    Class Notes:
    Posted here on this web page. The notes are either developed by the course instructor or derived from the original copyrighted classnotes of the authors of the textbooks.
    Grading policy:
    Homeworks 30%, Project 10%, Test1 30%, Test2 30%
    Project Suggestions
    See Guidelines for writing project report.

    NEW!!! NEW!!!! Test2 update: Test2 will cover material from Token rings to the class on 21st November.

Tentative Schedule -subject to change
Lecture Date Topic Reading Comments
1 Sep. 3 Intro. to Networking ppt pdf Chap. 1 Socket Programming Details
2 Sep. 5 Layering: OSI and TCP/IP ppt pdf Chap. 2 HW1 handed out
3 Sep. 10 Communication basics ppt pdf Chap. 3.1-3.7
4 Sep. 12 More on data transmission ppt pdf Chap. 3.6-3.8.6
5 Sep. 17 Stop-and-Wait ARQ, Go-Back-n ppt pdf Chap. 5.1 -5.2 HW2 handed out
6 Sep. 19 Selective Repeat, Framing, HDLC ppt pdf Chaps. 5.1-5.4 HW1 Due. HW2 handed out
7 Sep. 24 Multiplexing ppt pdf and Queuing ppt pdf 4.1-4.2.1, 4.3
8 Sep. 26 M/M/1 ppt pdf More Queuing ppt pdf 5.5, Appendix A, Class Notes
9 Oct. 1 More on Queuing Theory ppt pdf Appendix A, Class notes
10 Oct. 3 ALOHA, Slotted ALOHA ppt pdf Chap. 6.1-6.3.2 HW2 Due. HW3 handed out.
11 Oct. 8 CSMA, CSMA-CD, Ethernet ppt pdf 6.3, 6.6.1 Discussion Problems
12 Oct. 10 Reservations, Token Ring, FDDI, ppt pdf 6.4, 6.6.2, 6.6.3 Last year's Test 1
13 Oct. 15 Test 1 Review Test1 6:30-8:30 PM Room: 114 Richardson
14 Oct. 17 Switches, Bridges & IP ppt pdf 6.7, 8.1-8.3
15 Oct. 22 IP ppt pdf 8.1-8.5
16 Oct. 24 IP, UDP, TCP ppt pdf Additional notes ppt pdf HW3 Due. HW4 handed out.
17 Oct. 29 More on TCP ppt pdf 8.5.3, 7.8.2, class notes
18 Oct. 31 More on TCP, Network Congestion ppt pdf paper1 paper2 paper3
19 Nov. 5 Switches, Network Traffic Management ppt pdf Chap 7.2, 7.3, 7.7 paper4
19 Nov. 5 Project suggestions
20 Nov. 7 Routing ppt pdf Chap 7.4 HW4 Due. HW5 handed out.
21 Nov. 12 More on Routing ppt pdf Chap 7.4, 8.7 HW5 turnin instructions
22 Nov. 14 DNS, HTTP and Network Security ppt pdf ppt2 pdf2 paper5 , class notes, Chap. 2 HW5 FAQ
23 Nov. 19 Network Attack tools guest lecture ppt Class notes
24 Nov. 21 ATM Networks and QOS ppt1 pdf1 ppt2 pdf2 7.6, 9.1-9.4, Class notes HW5 Due.
25 Nov. 26 Test2 Review Test2 6:30-8:30PM, Room: 119B Zachry
26 Nov. 28 Thanksgiving break Test2 Discussion problems
27 Dec. 3 IPv6, Mobile IP ppt pdf
28 Dec. 6 Project Report Due 320 Wisenbaker 4 PM